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Pixar Studios Cafe

A very nice guy named Carlos , an animator, invited us to the Pixar studio for a tour and to review the employee cafe for lunch.  Carlos had sent me, through a man that works with my dad, a signed DVD … Continue reading

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Degnan’s Loft Pizza

Every year we go to Yosemite with our friends.  One of they days that we were there, we drove down into Yosemite Valley.  We went to a restaurant called Degnans Loft which is above a deli and some shops.  Its … Continue reading

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Ghirardelli on the Go

We went, with some friends, to Ghirardelli On the Go for ice cream sundaes!  Its smells really wonderful, sweet and delicious in the shop.  You can buy chocolates–there were tons of chocolates on the shelves with different things inside like peanut … Continue reading

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Marnee Thai

We went to Marnee Thai in San Francisco with some of our friends.  Some of our other friends recommended it too–its their favorite Thai place.  It was a small place on 9th Ave. with lots of pretty orchids on the … Continue reading

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Turtles is a cute little shop in Old Sacramento.  They have delicious ice cream, scrumptious chocolates and really funny practical joke toys as well as about a million turtles–stuffed turtles, turtle staplers, turtle figurines, all sorts of turtles.  Of course, … Continue reading

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