Ahwahnee Hotel

I went to The Ahwahnee hotel restaurant in Yosemite with my family.  It is a very nice restaurant that has a dress code for dinner.  Men and boys have to wear a collared shirt and pants, no shorts.  Women and girls have to wear a dress or a nice blouse, no shorts.  Nice denim jeans are okay.  The dining room was very large and has lots of exposed wood and rock.  It looked like a big, beautiful cabin.  Out the huge window near our table, we saw a small meadow, beautiful trees behind it and behind them, a mountain that went straight up very close to us.  The piano player played very beautiful music while we ate.  He played songs a lot of people know and looked around sometimes to see if people recognize it.  My favorite music he played was from Harry Potter movies.

The waitress brought a big basket of bread to the table and it was delicious and soft.  There was herbed bread, sourdough, and a flatbread crisp.  I thought it all was delicious.  The waitress brought complimentary fresh fruit for my brother and I.  My dad ordered a watermelon salad with goat cheese and mint. I really liked it.  I liked the cheese and the watermelon separately, but not together.  My mom ordered a half Caesar salad and I liked it very much.  For a drink, I had a Shirley Temple and I loved the cherry flavor in it.  They put lots of cherries in it.  My brother ordered a grilled cheese and he said he wished he could have it every night for dinner. I loved the grilled cheese sandwich too.  It was fantastic.  I ordered a crab cake from the appetizers and the pasta from the kids menu.  The crab cake wasn’t really my favorite because I don’t really like vegetables in my crab cakes and it had peppers and corn in it.  The crab was good though and it was nice and crispy on the outside.  I loved my pasta–it was spaghetti with oil and parmesan.  Something very nice that I made note of, was that when I went to use the restroom, the waitress put a cover on my pasta to keep it warm.  I thought that was very nice.  My dad had the gnocchi from the appetizer menu and I loved it.  It had a wonderful flavor.  He also had garlic mashed potatoes. They were the best.  My mom ordered the poached halibut with green beans and she said it was delicious.  The waitress even brought her a different sauce on the side to try with it.  For dessert, the kids meal came with a scoop of ice cream.  Spencer had chocolate and I had vanilla.  I thought it was very delicious and creamy.  We also ordered the dessert sampler for all of us to try.  My favorite thing was a the crème brulee. It tasted like a rich vanilla pudding with sugary crispies on top.  The chocolate tart was rich and creamy chocolate.  The lemon panna cotta was really tart, too tart for me, but my mom liked it.  The raspberry sorbet was great and so was the hazelnut praline ice cream in a little cookie shell.  It had a coffee-like flavor.  Overall, the setting was beautiful, the service was excellent and the food was wonderful. We all think that this is the best dinner we’ve ever had in Yosemite.

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  1. HI Abby, my daughter Ava met you at Legoland on Monday. She shared your card with me and I am blown away by how amazing you are! Keep up your good work and Ava will be sending you an email soon!


  2. KG says:

    HI Abby, I love your blog! You have inspired many people including me. Keep up the good work.

  3. Vicki says:

    hi Abby – I just sent your mom some photos and I read your blog, too. I’m starving! (It’s late) We have a new intern at BloodSource who also manages a cupcake store in Folsom, hear the aquatic center. Have you been there? We’ve gotten to enjoy some delicious samples. Now I have to go and eat because your description of the food in this post made me really hungry! I hope you are well and hope to see you soon,


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