Buns in the Sun

Pancakes, French Toast and Criossant

Pancakes, French Toast and Criossant

Buns in the Sun is a great casual place to eat on the Big Island. They offer breakfast all day including smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes with things like Mac nuts, bananas and chocolate chips, cinnamon swirl French toast, quiche, omelets and a tempting case of baked goods. They also have other options such as salads, sandwiches and an aloha bowl which is half a papaya filled with yogurt and homemade granola. You can buy bread by the loaf too.

My brother loved the pancakes and my parents loved the croissant breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese (they were out of avocado both times we went). I decided to try the cinnamon roll from the array of treats in the case. It was large and was made from a light bread with, what tastes like, a cream cheese frosting on top. It wasn’t a gooey, moist cinnamon roll, but more like a lighter bread roll and a nice treat. I also decided to get a half order of the cinnamon swirl French toast. It came with two thin slices of French toast made from cinnamon swirl bread. The bread had a good amount of cinnamon and needs very little syrup as it was already sweet. We bought banana bread to go both times we visited and enjoyed it later. It was very good–moist and fresh.

The service is pretty quick and the location, the corner end of a strip mall, was actually pretty nice. There is seating both inside and outside, although most of the seating is outside. It looks like a lot of locals enjoy this place. I recommend it for a nice variety of well prepared food at decent prices. Aloha!

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