CA State Indian Museum Community Day

I went to the State Indian Museum and we watched some Native American dancers dance, visited the museum , and saw lots of handmade bead work jewelry and Native American dolls.  I bought some really pretty beaded eagle earrings and my mom bought a tepee ornament that had some turtles on it that reminded her of her grandfather’s (my great-grandfather’s) Native American collection.  The food there smelled really good so we decided to try something.  I decided to try the fry bread and my parents decided to have a vegetarian Indian taco. It was beans, cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato on top of fry bread.  They said it was delicious.  On the fry bread, you can add powdered sugar, cinnamon, honey or butter on it.  I decided to try a little of every one of them except the butter and I left a little part of it plain.  The fry bread was delicious. Its a little but like a funnel cake but better and softer.  I didn’t really like it with cinnamon but I loved the powdered sugar and honey and even when it was plain.  It was warm, light, not greasy, about the size of a paper plate and we ate it with our hands.  We liked it so much we got another one to take to grandma’s house for her to try.  She loved it too.  I really enjoyed trying a new food, the handmade crafts and the dancing.  It was a very fun day.

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