I arrived at Chili’s with my family. It is in the Howe ‘bout Arden shopping center. The service was very nice. For the kids’ menu, you can pick out an entrée, a side and a drink. I love the fun kids’ menu. My dad ordered some strawberry lemonade. It was sweet and delicious. My brother and I ordered the cheese pizza. I could taste the great sauce. It had very good cheese too. I loved it. For the side, I ordered corn on the cob. The juice was warm and sweet in a delicious way. Way more than delicious! My brother ordered fries on the side. I got to try some of them. They were salty, soft and warm. My mom and Dad shared a black bean burger. I didn’t try it but my mom and dad loved it. It came with broccoli. My mom ordered a house salad. It had good Thousand Island dressing and crunchy croutons. Yummy! For dessert, we all shared a huge chocolate molten cake. It was very chocolaty. It is vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate cake with chocolate and caramel sauce. The combination of the hot from the cake and the cold from the ice cream is delicious. I love that cake. My family calls it volcano cake. I love Chili’s. All of their food is great for kids. The main dishes, the sides, the drinks and especially the desserts.

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  1. hanksan says:

    Abby! Amazing critiques! Can't wait to hear about Chili's and Apple Hill. My son is 4 and a bit picky with food at times. It's great to read your comments. Keep up the great work.

    Also, I'm glad you like the Wall-E poster! Your dad had told me that you and Spencer liked them. I met a few other Pixar animators so when Wall-E is out on DVD, I'll see if they can autograph a copy for you and Spencer.

    take care & say Hi to your Dad, Mom and Spencer for us…

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