Concern bushfire messages not getting through to residents

Concern bushfire messages not getting through to residents. “The state government is considering a law that would address issues like thi김해출장마사지 김해출장안마s,” the email said. “It will give an extra incentive to fire services to identify these hotspots and to ensure the message gets through.” Mr Bremner said the bill was just a first step and he was confident it would receive a hearing and dis전주출장샵cussion with both houses of parliament. “We need to make sure there is enough awareness, particularly to families concerned about fire danger, that this issue should be treated seriously and not dismissed out of hand,” he said. Fire emergency management specialist Paul Anderton said there was no doubt there was a problem and this legislation was necessary. “What we’ve actually discovered in areas with the problem is there is a real fear that the information about the risk may get misused. We have to understand that and to deal with that issue,” he said.

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