Davis Whole Earth Festival

At the Whole Earth festival, there is music, drumming circles, lots of booths with jewelry or handmade soaps or pottery for sale.  Everything is made by hand and is very beautiful.  There are a lot of people there, some in bare feet, some in tie-dye, and some just in  shorts and T-shirts.  There are a few different food areas.  What’s unique about it is, you take a plate for example with your food for $1, then you return it and they give you a dollar back.  So you aren’t wasting paper or Styrofoam plates.  Its the same with utensils and cups.  A good amount of the food there is vegetarian or vegan.  One of the things I choose to try was the garlic fries! They were very garlicky with just the right crisp.  They tend to stay warm for a very long time.  We also tried a veggie-corn dog.  It had a good crisp and I could taste the corn meal. It was warm and smelled really great and had a very great flavor.  Later, we also ordered some pizza. It had very soft cheese and crust. The cheese had a very tasty flavor.  My brother said it was 5 out of 5 stars.  We did a little shopping and I made my own ring at one booth.  My brother bought a fish shaped wooden flute.  He’s sort of good at it.  Later we got some sweets.  I tried a frozen chocolate-dipped strawberry kabob.  To me it was too frozen to eat but the chocolate was really good and the strawberries were very sweet.  We also all shared a dark chocolate dipped ice cream bar.  It was very soft and it had a great taste although it was pretty messy!  At another booth, we were offered a sample of an iced peach lassie.  It had peaches, ice and coconut milk in it.  It though it was very sweet and creamy.  I love things with coconut!  My mom doesn’t really like coconut. The rest of us thought it tasted pretty good.  Of course, I had to try the root beer!  This root beer had a different way about it.  It was made with wildflower honey, raw cane sugar, extract of malt, sassafras and sarsaparilla.  I thought it was really creamy. The strange thing about it was no bubbles! It also had a slightly different flavor. It was not too cold but very tasty!  Finally, we got an organic, vegan funnel cake. It was very crunchy and tasty and it had a lot of powdered sugar.  Every time there is a funnel cake, we just have to try it!  This funnel cake tasted just the same as non-vegan or non-organic ones we’ve tried.  It was very delicious!  If you love to try all kinds of different food in booths like at a fair, this would be the place for you.  The food is just a little healthier here and more earth-friendly.  The Whole Earth Festival happens at UC Davis in the quad, on Mother’s Day weekend every year.

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