The morning after a Painted Turtle event in Hollywood, we decided to go to breakfast at a place called Eat.  It was a nice small little place with indoor and outdoor seating.  We were seated right away even though it was crowded, which was nice.  There were so many good-sounding options that it was hard to decide what to get. My brother and I decided to try the buttermilk pancakes. There were many styles of pancakes, we went with powdered sugar and syrup.  They came as three large pancakes, they were thin and still really soft.  They weren’t too fluffy.  My parents shared the Ned’s Benedict, they were perfectly poached eggs on an English muffin with tomatoes and avocado.  it came with potatoes.  The potatoes were great, especially the crispy parts.  They said the hollandaise was great and the presentation was very nice.  They also shared the breakfast burrito.  It came with thinly sliced potatoes, eggs, green onion, and cheese with salsa on the side.    My parents asked for no meat since we are pescetarians, and they offered avocado.   I thought that was really nice of them. The burrito also came with Zucchini hash, which my parents loved.  They were like hash browns but with zucchini.  The service was great and was very friendly, we didn’t feel rushed at all. They serve breakfast all day. My mom noticed some dog bowls in the back patio.  I thought that was really cool. Overall this is a great place to have breakfast or lunch with your family.  I really want to go back there sometime. :)

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