John’s Incredible Pizza

My family visited John’s Incredible Pizza in Roseville.  It was huge!  It has a lot of food bars and it has a really big area for children to play arcade games, ride small rides and get prizes with their tickets they win.  It costs about $10.50 for adults and $7.50 for kids for dinner on a weekend, which you have to pay to get in.  Then you can get fun cards for the games and rides starting at $14.99 each with 65 credits.  The games take about 2-3 credit each and the rides 8-12 each.  At the food bars, I got mac and cheese at the pasta station, which was very cheesy and it tasted wonderful.  I also got cheesy rice.  It wasn’t really my favorite but it tasted pretty good.  I also tried the potato wedges and a baked potato.  The baked potato was really warm and it tasted wonderful.  There were different selections you could put in top of your baked potato like butter, sour cream or chives.  The potato wedges were cut potatoes, cooked soft, not like french fries, but like big breakfast potatoes.  They tasted pretty good.  At the pizza station, they had a lot of different kinds of pizza!  My brother and I got cheese pizza.  I didn’t like it all that much but my brother loved it!  There was also a soup station, a huge salad bar, a dessert bar and a drink station.  My parents thought the salad bar was good and fresh and they liked the pastas.  I had root beer at the drink station and at the salad bar I tried the breadsticks.  They were really soft and warm and buttery and tasted great.  For dessert, I tried the chocolate cake, cinnamon roll and these little tiny donuts that came hot off the donut machine.  It was really fun to watch them get made and they were very delicious!  The chocolate cake was very chocolatey.  I sure do love my chocolate!  The cinnamon rolls tasted great-soft and warm.  After we played  lot of games and went on fun rides like bumper cars and twister, we grabbed an ice cream cone on the way out.  It was a very hot day so ice cream sounded good!  For my overall assessment, John’s Incredible Pizza is a place that every kid should go. They have so many rides and fun games and lots of food for you to try!

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  1. Darleen says:

    We are having Gabby’s birthday here because Abby said: “John’s Incredible Pizza is a place that every kid should go.” And since Gabby is turning 18 and will no longer be a kid that’s where were going. Vinny says Hi guys.

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