Julia’s Banana Bread

Our family went in search of some banana bread we had heard was good.  We drove from Kaanapali up highway 30 to Kahakuloa.  The road was windy with beautiful views but very narrow in places and parts were kinda scary to my grandma because there were places where only one car could fit on the road and there was a steep drop down to the water.  When we finally got to Julia’s, it was a little green treehouse that was over a small creek.  They had samples of dried mango, coconut candy, passion fruit butter and banana bread.  I really liked the mango and the bread so we decided to get some.  The bread was very very moist and delicious.  It was worth the drive to get it.  On the way back, there were some beautiful sites such as a blow hole and places to get out and look over the cliffs at the ocean.  If you find yourself in Maui, and you are a brave driver,  treat yourself to a nice drive up to Julia’s Banana Bread.

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