Mike’s Pastry shop

I went to Boston with my history class.  One of the many places to eat was Mike’s Pastry Shop.  They had a huge glass case with everything from cookies to brownies, but their most famous item was their cannoli.  They had many different kinds of cannoli like cookies and cream, Limón cello, and Espresso.  I’ve never had a Cannoli before, and there were so many that it was hard to decide which one to try.  I finally decided to try the chocolate covered cannoli.  It had a chocolate covered crisp shell with sweet, thick cream.  On the sides where the cream showed, there were mini chocolate chips.  My mom let me taste hers, the Peanut Butter cannoli. It had a thin and crisp shell.  It was filled with a thick cream that tasted just like peanut butter.  I really enjoyed it.  I think the rest of my class enjoyed theirs too. The cannoli were large and the shells were crispy and fresh. My brother is looking foward to trying the Peanut Butter cannoli when he goes to Boston.  Overall, the shop is friendly and has a large variety of tempting treats.  This is a really nice place to grab a treat with your family and friends.

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