Parkside Snack Bar

Every Father’s Day my family goes to Stinson Beach. While we are there, we go to the Parkside Snack Bar, right by the beach.  We always order grilled cheese, French fries, a root beer milk shake, root beer, and a soft serve cone. There is always a line of people walking up to the window to order, but the line goes fast.  After we get our food, we walk across the little street to a small park, to eat.  We had a great time again this time.  The grilled cheese was buttery with tons of tasty cheese.  The fries are the small thin crispy ones. They were very hot, salty and very tasty.  The root beer milk shake tasted wonderful.  It is the only place that I know of that has root beer milk shakes!  The soft serve vanilla-chocolate swirl was a bit hit.  I saw lots of people getting those and walking around with them.  They also have things like veggie burgers and tuna melts. My parents got fish and chips that they really liked.  The Parkside Snack Bar is a really great place to go if you want to be right by the beach.  Another good idea is to take your food from there right to the beach and have a beach picnic.  They don’t take credit cards but there is an ATM around the corner and they don’t have tables but there are lots of places to eat on benches, at the park or at the beach.

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