Scott’s Seafood on the River

Our family visited Scott’s Seafood on The River for brunch.  We sat outside and the first thing I noticed was the view.  There were a lot of boats and the river was beautiful.  I think it was really nice to sit by the river.  I thought it was appropriate to have a seafood restaurant near the water.  Our waitress was very attentive and friendly. She checked on us a lot and made sure everything was okay.  I ordered a root beer for a drink.  It was smooth and creamy. It was very tasty and not too carbonated.  It was served in a frosty glass, which is how I like to drink root beer so it stays cold but without ice to make it watery.  I saw Crab Cakes Benedict on the menu so I asked if I could have just the crab cakes without the egg and everything else.  They said that was possible they brought it served with potatoes and fruit with hollandaise sauce on the side.  The crab cakes had a lightly crunchy breading, very soft crab, not too much crab, just the right amount.  I really loved the crab cakes.  They were wonderful.  The potatoes were cut thin and they had little pieces of onion. They were very soft and had good seasoning.  Mom and Dad also loved the potatoes.  Spencer ordered pancakes. They were very soft and fluffy and big and tasted like buttermilk.  I loved them. Spencer also loved them.  My dad ordered the Huevos Rancheros. It wasn’t my favorite but Dad loved it!  He said it had a good crunchy tortilla.  My mom ordered the Crab Cakes Benedict with potatoes. Mom said she loved it!  I couldn’t decide what to order for dessert so I got the dessert platter which was a sampling of the first five items on the dessert menu.  The Raspberry Jack was vanilla bean ice cream with some raspberry sauce.  It had a very sweet raspberry flavor.  I liked it.  There also was a tiramisu. It was very light and had a good coffee flavor.  I really loved it.  We also had Port Lava Cake with a vanilla bean port reduction.  It was very chocolaty and rich.  The New York Cheesecake had raspberry coulis and vanilla anglaise. It was soft, rich and tasty.  My mom really liked it.  Last but not least, the vanilla crème brulee. I thought it was very custardy and it tasted a little caramel-y on the crispy top.  I think this a place that everyone should go if they enjoy eating by the river.  It has a wonderful view and the food is fantastic.

You can see video of me reviewing this restaurant in the Fox 40 studio under the Videos tab.

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