Rio City Cafe

After being dressed up in our PJs and riding on the Polar Express Train, we went to Rio City Cafe. The first thing I noticed was it smelled very good.  I ordered the crab cakes.  They were warm and they had lots of soft crab on the inside, a tiny crisp on the outside.  It came with fried leeks.  I loved the whole dish!  My brother ordered grilled cheese with fries.  It was very cheesy with really soft bread.  I really liked the grilled cheese.  The shoestring fries were tasty and not too salty.  I tried my mom’s Caesar salad.  It had very good dressing and the croutons were very crunchy.  I loved it.  My mom ordered the fish special:  Mahi Mahi with pesto fingerling potatoes. It had soft, well flavored, delicious potatoes.  The fish was a little moist and had a nice texture.  Even though I don’t usually like a piece of fish, I sort of liked the fish.  My dad ordered salmon with mustard sauce and grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes.  The asparagus was good.  The potatoes were soft and fluffy and I loved them.  I didn’t try the salmon but Dad said it was tasty and moist and cooked perfectly.  For dessert, we shared the chocolate hazelnut torte. I thought it was very chewy and it has some really good ice cream on the side along with some creamy whipped cream.  It was a very chocolately and rich!  I can tell you that!  Along with our drinks, the waitress brought big sweet, juicy maraschino cherries, just to be nice.  She was very attentive.  Rio City Cafe is in Old Sacramento next to the river. I think it is very kid-friendly.

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