Spaghetti Factory

The Spaghetti factory had a big trolley that you can sometimes dine in and some rail road crossing signs inside.  I ordered some mac & cheese from the kids’ menu and I rated it 5 stars!  It has very cheesey “O” pieces and great tasting cheese.  The meal comes with salad and I ordered it with thousand island dressing.  The thousand island was very good and it had tasty, crunchy croutons.  They also brought bread and butter for the table and the bread was very warm and soft.  My brother ordered some garlic cheese bread from the appetizer menu as his meal.  It had very good cheese and garlic and the bread was very soft.  My mom and dad ordered spinach and cheese ravioli with alfredo and marinara.  It was not bad.  It had good alfredo and really good marinara and it tasted a little like tortellini I’ve had before.  Mt dad ordered a side of broccoli with brown butter and mizithra cheese. It had really good cheese and nice broccoli.  For my dad’s drink he ordered strawberry lemonade.  It was sweetish-tart and had good strawberry flavor.  I would give it 4 1/2 stars.  Dessert is included with the meals.  For dessert my brother ordered a cool cherry juice bar.  It had a good sweet, cherry flavor.  I ordered spumoni.  It is 3 flavors of ice cream in one dish:  cherry, pistachio and chocolate.  It had really good flavor and it was very colorful.  The spaghetti factory is a really great place to eat for families and friends, anyone who wants some good pasta.

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