The Olive Garden

After shopping for Halloween costumes, we went to The Olive Garden for dinner. When you walk in, they give you a buzzer to let you know when your table is ready.  Lion heads plastered into the wall and black and white photos are everywhere.  There is a really fun kids menu called The Passport to Fun.  They also have complimentary wine tasting for adults.  When I sat down at my table, I saw pretty dishes on a shelf.  Endless salad and breadsticks come with every entrée.  My brother ordered the cheese pizza off the kids menu.  Kids are allowed to share the salad and breadsticks too.  I ordered the mac and cheese.  We both ordered pink lemonade with a little sprite in it—that was the waitresses’ idea and it was delicious.  My mom ordered the cheese ravioli.  It wasn’t my favorite because I’m not a big ravioli fan but she loved it.  It had marinara sauce and cheese.  My brother said he loved the pizza.  He liked the crunchy crust and the cheese.  It wasn’t really my favorite though.  One thing everybody loved was the fresh grated parmesan cheese on everything that the waitress offered.  I thought the mac and cheese was delicious.  It was made with shell pasta with creamy light orange cheese sauce.  Mmmm.  The breadsticks were delicious.  They were very soft and  had a little olive oil and maybe a little seasoning.  I bet that all kids would love them!  If you finish the bread basket, they’ll bring you more.  They also bring a big bowl of salad to the table with big crunchy croutons and a tasty Italian dressing.  Just like with the breadsticks, they keep bringing more.  For dessert, we had the zeppoli.  A lot of people say its like a beignet.  I would agree.  They are like a little Italian square donut coated in sugar.  They also brought a small dish of chocolate sauce for dipping.  It was very delicious.  The portions were really big, in fact, we had to take some of everything home.  Our waitress was very nice.  She was very attentive and friendly.  I think that this is a nice Italian restaurant that families could go to to have a relaxing time.  Its comfortable, there is plenty of good food and the service is wonderful.

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