The Stinking Rose

After a visit to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, our family went to dinner at The Stinking Rose.  When I first walked in, I found some vampire things (because vampires hate garlic) and on the ceiling the world’s largest garlic braid.  There were pictures all over the walls of famous people who have eaten there and they signed the pictures.  On the wall it says they season their garlic with food!  We ordered the bagna calda which is warm roasted garlic in olive oil with anchovies.  It came with tasty, soft rolls.  My mom and dad and grandma love the bagna calda.  I thought the rolls were very good and fresh.  My parents also ordered the garlic caesar salad. It had very good, cheesy dressing and lots of parmesan and the croutons were very crunchy. I ordered the kids pasta,,just plain and I put garlic olive oil, salt, and parmesan cheese. The waiter offered some fresh grated parmesan cheese.  It tasted really delectable!  Spencer ordered a kids cheese pizza. It wasn’t on the menu but they made one for him.  Spencer loved it!  I thought it wasn’t bad.  The adults shared the neon ravioli filled with garlic mashed potatoes and caramelized onions. I thought it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite.  They also shared the gnocchi. Gnocchi is one of my favorites so of course I loved it.  The gnocchi was very soft and warm and it felt like it melted in my mouth.  It had a delicious garlic cream sauce. We also tried the garlic mashed potatoes. They were really good.  They left in the potato skins, which I love.  If you are ever looking for  place to eat in San Francisco then you should definitely pick the stinking Rose…if you like garlic!  (I wouldn’t recommend it if you are a vampire.)

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