Ululani’s Shave Ice

Want to know the best place to get shave ice on Maui?  Ululanis!  My friends, April, who is from Maui, told me to try it.  Other shave ice places claim to be the best but don’t be fooled.  Ululani’s is, in my opinion, the best.  There are 3 locations, 2 in Lahaina and 1 in Kahului .  Their shave ice is the best because it is very smooth, almost creamy.  They have a lot of great flavors like, cola, watermelon, vanilla, passionfruit, guava, pink bubblegum, and many combination suggestions.  Also, you can put ice cream—macadamia nut, vanilla or coconut– or azuki beans or other treats on the bottom.  The best thing is the sno cap!  After they shave the ice (and the portions are big) they poke holes in the ice and pour generous amounts of juice on top.  Then, if you order a sno camp, they pour a little sweet cream on top of that.  This makes it even more creamy but just as refreshing.  The people are really friendly and its fun to try different combinations.  If you are in Maui, don’t miss it!

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